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You know that you can do better with IT, to be more efficient and achieve more, but none of the off the shelf software you have looked at is going to do the job. We should really have a chat …

With a team of six we are large enough to provide a complete service, but small enough to be flexible. We prefer to work with people we can regularly meet, so we can work closely with them on their projects.

Web App Development

Bespoke web applications are customisable, scaleable, secure, give competitive advantage and are generally more cost-effective.


As well developing bespoke web applications we also host and manage their infrastructure. We work with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to host our client applications.


Workflow Analysis

Identify areas of improvement such as redundant tasks or processes and bottlenecks. The goal in web application development is to improve operational efficiency. You can save a great deal of money.

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Phone us on 01273 033 778 or email us on info@poweredbyhumans.co.uk or the support team on support@poweredbyhumans.co.uk. Or use this form to contact us.

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