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We provide a complete range of web services from branding through to building and marketing your website. Three things make us different:

  1. Experience: most of us have been working 20 or more years in this area.
  2. Outlook: truth, communication, quality, speed, value, support.
  3. Value for quality: for the right client we can offer a fantastic combination of value and quality.

If you are looking for a safe pair of experienced hands at a reasonable cost then please consider us. If cost is your overriding factor and experience and quality weigh less in how you are going to select a web services supplier, then we are probably not for you.

With a team of 6 we are large enough to provide a complete service, but small enough not to have a large management overhead. This combination of experience, size, and value for money, makes us the perfect supplier for some companies in our area. We are based in Henfield, West Sussex, just North of Brighton. We prefer to work with local companies, so we can work closely with them on their projects.

We recently completed an e-commerce website project where one of our client’s members of staff took a desk at our office several days a week until the project was over to enable better collaboration – this could really only happen by working with a local company.


Why did we call ourselves “Powered by Humans”

When I first started out in the IT Industry I thought it was all about the technology, because that was what I was passionate about. But, as time went on I began to learn that it is all about the people and their relationships. Both relationships with each other, “client and supplier” and client and technology. We help technology to become manageable and useful to our clients. I’m still really passionate about the technology, but, although it a prerequisite for what I do, that’s almost a personal thing. One of the best parts of what I do is to meet new people, hear about their business and, as they talk, form technological solutions to their  problems.

So, at the end of the day, we are people our clients can rely to be business savvy and talk their language not our own. This is a world not powered by computers, as some would have you believe , but powered by humans using computers.