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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is often miss-understood — placed on a pedestal and either feared or revered by those who need it.

I’ve been working on optimising the Colosa website. I’ve just started this process and our website has only just launched, so it will be interesting to see how things change over the next few months. What does it mean to optimise a website? Many people will tell you that this is a black art. The truth is rather more straight forward.

  1. Colrosa is an IT Consultancy and as such wants to connect with potential clients and eventually do business with them if our skills meet their needs. As such it was important to understand our offering and how it would be best understood by our potential customers. We need to convey this offering on our website in a direct and comfortable fashion to the site’s users.
  2. Users of the Colrosa website, or any website for that matter, should be able to tell quickly if they can get what they need from the site, navigate away if it is not appropriate, or read further if it is.
  3. In designing, what we hope to be a good brochure site for my potential clients, we are also designing a website that will rank well in Google and the other search engines.
  4. We must consider how our site might be found, particularly not in a search engine, so we are looking to register the business or the website with a number of directories. We have press releases planned and a marketing plan that incorporate non-web based channels. There are numerous other marketing and SEO activities that I don’t have time to mention here – it’s not something you can spend a few days on and it’s done; unfortunately it is an ongoing process.
  5. We have a number of articles planned around my areas of expertise and we will publish them as white papers on this site and place them elsewhere on the web. Developing a reputation is important for an IT consultancy. And, as you can see I’m writing in the Colrosa blog about our professional activities, where we think that they might be of interest to others.

In doing what is sensible for my business we are doing what is needed to be found in search engines. How do I know this? The answer is simple! The reason for a search engine to exist is to find the most appropriate content for the user for the search terms entered. If someone is looking for an IT consultancy with our particular range of experiences then we just need to express that well both on our website and on the Web in general. Of course this is simpler said that done.

There is no real shortcut to good SEO (search engine optimisation) – “content is king“. If users can find you by means other than a search engine, then they will find you by search engine too! If you can add useful content to your website or other websites then you will be found, in time, by more and more people who want to meet you and are interested in what you have to offer.


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