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Choosing an IT Consultant

Consultants’ bios on the web, more often than not, approximate their CVs’ and whilst it’s necessary to see their relevant experience and skills, this approach rarely gives you an insight into their personality or the core beliefs that drive them.

If you decide to employ a consultancy it makes sense that you trust and respect them as professionals and understand what business philosophies and methods they will practice to save you money and increase your profits.

You are paying for the consultants’ time and experience and expertise to achieve these core objectives.

We always start our first meeting with the same question, what do you really want for your life?
…not just for the business, but your life, that could simply be more leisure time or more time to spend with your family and friends  or just time to pursue other interests?

Ask yourself how we can help the business to fit you and not you to fit the business.
We guarantee this will help you achieve your business goals and have the life/work balance that you desire.

Of course, you may wish to employ us purely to help with your business needs and take a less personal approach to the consultancy process, which is the often all that is required.

At Powered by Humans all of us are working professionals who have had our own businesses; collectively we have a vast depth of experience and an impressive skill set to help you meet your defined goals. If you take the time to read our individual bios’ this is self-evident.

Contact us for a free initial meeting.

We hope you enjoy reading our bios’ and you are welcome to contact any of us via email with any questions you may have.