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Tim Croft

I began my career as an actor having attended drama school and although I made the decision to change my life’s path, the experience I gained in this creative environment taught me a vast amount about communicating and the art of truly listening, an essential part of a creatives toolkit.

Though educated to A’ level standard I chose not go down the university route and instead gained my education and knowledge from hard work and a passion for both technology and creativity.

In 1992 I started my first business, Caradus Ltd., a digital media agency. Over the eight years that Caradus existed I gained invaluable experience of managing a business and digital media technologies. In the third year of operation Caradus was one of the top ten performing digital media agencies in the Sussex, with major contracts with Lloyds for the creation of their Intranet, extranet and public websites and Seeboard plc. for the creation of a major digital education product.

During this time I was also a consultant small business advisor for SEDA (South East Economic Development Agency) and a new business mentor for the Princes Youth Business Trust.

In 2000, I moved to Shropshire to raise my two children, with my partner, in a more sedate rural location. It was here I started C&H Associates Ltd. another digital media company with a business partner and together we were successful in securing major contracts within the recruitment agencies market sector, responsible for their international media advertising and providing creative digital services and consultancy.

Ten years later I made the decision to go solo and freelance my skills with the hope of creating a richer and more diverse work portfolio. This turned out to be an incredible time in my career and I was lucky enough to work with some amazing clients many who have become close friends, colleagues and mentors.

During the last three years I have undergone a heart attack, separation and divorce and relocation to the South. This experience has taught me an incredible amount about myself and forced me to re-evaluate my life and career path.

These days I am happier working than I have ever been, I love the work I do and look forward to the opportunities that each day brings. I share my time; working for a global internet sales company, freelancing creative digital media services and as a graphic designer.  Along with all my fellow colleagues here at PBH, I get a real kick out of helping other entrepreneurial businesses achieve their creative goals and objectives.

Please email or call me if you wish to ask any questions about me or my colleagues and our company.

Tim Croft