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Our Philosophy

Is it true that the older you get the more important it is how you do what you do?

Our aim, and I think we have achieved it, was to put together a very experienced team to provide a complete suite of web services. And, to provide some of the high end technologies that we have used with larger corporates to SMEs in our area (Sussex).

What is key to our philosophy?

  • We believe in truth – being straight with our clients, even if it means disagreeing with them.
  • We believe in being proud of what we do.
  • We believe that most complex technologies can be made available to everyone by employing technologist who are also good communicators.
  • We believe that everything is connected:
    • You can’t build a good website without good hosting.
    • SEO is impacted by hosting, site design and copywriting.
  • We believe in examining the business drivers first.
  • We believe in working with our clients, not just being a “service provider”. This is why we search out local companies to work with. If we can’t meet with you face-to-face then how a can we do our best for you?