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Web Services

We have put a very talented team of six people in place to offer the following services (please do bear in mind that IT is a broad discipline and whilst we will concentrate on web services please ask us about your requirements, we will be honest in our reply and only offer to do work at which we excel) Our core service offering is:

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Branding, putting an identity to your business is such an important first step in projecting the right image for you and your company. We will work with you to create a solid and profitable brand identity that will help you stand out from your competitors.

Websites, between us we have designed and developed numerous websites, from simple visual brochure sites to complex database driven sites. These days we tend to use open source frameworks and current technologies to build you solid and reliable sites that can adapt to future demands with ease.

Managed Hosting, we offer cutting edge technology that delivers incredible speed and instant scalability. Our managed hosting is extremely competitively priced, safe and very secure and continually monitored.

Marketing, it’s no good just having a perfect site and great products or services, we consider it imperative that your offering is backed up by an effective marketing plan and strategies’ that are workable for you, it’s no good planning a telesales campaign if you hate cold calling! …We will work with you and offer pertinent methods for you to increase your profits and ROI.

Applications, or apps as they have come to be known. We offer experienced development of your applications from discussing the initial concept through to writing the technical specification and implementing a thorough development and delivery schedule. App development can be a very technical business, however, we are human, and know everyone is not a “techie” and therefore, will make this an understandable, human and even enjoyable experience for you!

Consultancy, we are very adept at looking at the big picture of your business and where you wish to be in the future, we can then advise you of strategies and solutions to achieve this, within your budget and timescale.

..and of course Cakes!, thanks to Kate, Malcolm’s wife and our office manager who bakes the most delicious cakes.

Of course there are many areas we have not covered that are offered, including SEO, Social Media Integration, Email Marketing, Video, Photography… all of which we have set-up partners to provide or we will provide ourselves if and only if we can offer you the best quality.